All Grades, All Classes – Quote Sandwich Review

June 11, 2010



All Classes – Teacher Feedback Form

June 11, 2010

Hi guys; I’m going to leave this form here and ask that if you’d like to give me some feedback on this year, you download this, type or hand-write your answers on it (whatever you like), leave your name off of it, and bring it to class on the day of the final. I’ll have a student collect them and I won’t read them till after your class is done with its final exam.

You may also just leave it on my desk in the English Department at any time.

Think of this as your chance to make next year even better for the kid who will be sitting in your desk in my room then. Help that kid out by sharing your thoughts. Thanks.


Shakespeare on the Sound Announcement

June 11, 2010

My dear sophomores,

An extra credit announcement.

You may go see Othello on Tuesday, June 15th or Wednesday, June 16th for extra credit (which will be tacked on to your quarter 4 grade).

The performance begins at 7:30 at Pinkney Park in Rowayton.

You may check in with Miss Nelson on Tuesday the 15th and with me on the 16th.

She’ll probably be sporting a blond ponytail and a purple umbrella – and I think I’ll have the same umbrella with me the next night. If you’re going, find that umbrella and show me (or her) your face so I know you’re there.

This acting company does THE best Shakespeare in the park I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot!). So bring a blanket or a chair and some snacks and prepare yourself for extra points and wicked good Shakespearean times. =)

10 300 –

June 10, 2010

Check back in 1/2 an hour for your review sheet. I haven’t forgotten about it.

10 300 – A Filmic Note –

June 9, 2010

Remember the permission slip for the film by tomorrow or you are. not. watching. it.

9 300 per. 2 –

June 9, 2010

Finish whatever chapter you started in class Monday and read 1 additional chapter.

If you were just starting, that means you should have read to the end of chapter 5 by tomorrow.

If you’re ahead because you started this for extra credit, less reading for you tonight!

9 300 Per. 4 – Hmwk Due Wednesday, June 9

June 9, 2010

Finish chapter 8 tonight.