9 300 Hmwk Due Thursday, Feb. 25

February 24, 2010

Finish chapter 5 of To Kill a Mockingbird, then read chapters 6 & 7.


10 300 Hmwk Due Thursday, Feb. 25

February 24, 2010

Read chapters 5 and 6 (pages45-71) and come up with 2-3 questions per chapter and 2-3 passages per chapter to discuss in the fishbowl tomorrow.  Also write out 1 personal reaction per chapter.

Also, download the following document and start studying the following words.  They are the first section of what will will show up on a vocab test next Friday when we are done with the book.  Many of their definitions are in your study guide.  You should define these words and make flashcards of them to study.

Animal Farm Vocab List 1

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9 300 Hmwk Due Wednesday, Feb. 24

February 23, 2010

Read chapters 3 and 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Remember, all reading is subject to a quiz.

Also, regarding turnitin.com:

I am still waiting on 5 people’s poetry submissions from period 4

3 people’s poetry submissions from period 3

and 11 people’s poetry submissions from period 2

I extended all the deadlines…if you are one of those people, submit your work before the 24th at midnight or you are losing points.  Come see me during periods 1, 5, or 6 if you can’t make your account work.

10 300 Hmwk Due Feb. 24

February 22, 2010

1) Finish reading chapter 3 of Animal Farm and taking notes on everything outlined in the fishbowl prep. document.

You can get that document here if you need it: Fishbowl Discussion Instructions

2) Do the same thing for chapter 4.

3) Remember that book clubs meet Friday, so you should be preparing notes for book club in advance.  Here is the book club prep notes document if you need it:  Book Club Discussion Preparation

9 300 Hmwk Due Tuesday Feb. 23

February 22, 2010

1) If you still need to submit your poems document to turnitin.com, please do so.  I have extended the deadline.

2) Read chapters 1 and 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Remember, all reading is subject to potential pop quizzes – the answers to which you will not find on the internet.

9 300 Period 4 Persona Poems

February 12, 2010

Persona Poems

9 300 Hmwk Per. 2 Due 2/12

February 11, 2010

Complete the planning section of your persona poem and bring it to class tomorrow.  If you are ready to write the first draft of your poem and prefer to do it at home, do so.  Bring a print-out or hand-written copy of all work you’ve done with you to class tomorrow.