10 300 Hmwk Due Tuesday, June 1

May 31, 2010

Remember, 3 chapters’ worth of vocab words (and sentences, and page numbers) are due tomorrow.

Happy reading!


10 300 Hmwk Due Thursday, May 28

May 27, 2010

Here’s the homework tonight – please read my rant about paraphrasing in the attached document as well.

Questions for Sophomores After Viewing Clips

9 300 Per. 3 –

May 26, 2010

Your projects are due Friday.  I don’t see you tomorrow…so remember to get everything done ahead of time!!  (Filming in advance, burning your DVDs in advance, MAKING SURE THEY PLAY IN A DVD PLAYER) etc.

9 300 Per. 2 –

May 26, 2010

Tomorrow we will have our last rehearsal day.  Projects are due Friday for your class.

9 300 – Period 4 –

May 26, 2010

Your projects are due TOMORROW.  Thursday.

Make sure someone in your group e-mails me a background image tonight if you are acting in front of us.

Make sure your video works if you’re making one.  Do NOT bring me in a flash drive or a cam-corder or some such thing.  I want a BURNED DVD that you have tested in a DVD PLAYER at home, because that is how we will show it in the classroom.  If your technology does not work for us because you did not do these things in advance, you lose points and your project will be considered late.

10 300

May 26, 2010

You escape without homework tonight, you lucky things.

10 300 Hmwk Due Wednesday, May 26

May 25, 2010

Finish reading 4.1. of Othello.