About Me


DHS Graduation 2009

DHS Graduation 2009


 Academic & Writing Background

I currently hold teaching certifications in English in the states of Connecticut and Iowa.  I have a Master of Arts in Teaching in English Education from The University of Iowa (2008).  I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a concentration in creative writing from The University of Connecticut (2005), where I took a medley of American & British Literature courses, along with writing workshops and courses in contemporary American poetry.  I was poetry and managing editor of UConn’s literary journal, The Long River Review, wrote for its newspaper, The Daily Campus, and then later on wrote for a real paper during my stint as a news correspondent for The Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Gazette.   

In Terms of Teaching

I’ve student taught at Iowa City High School, worked with students at Elizabeth Tate Alternative High School in Iowa City, and worked as a long-term Spanish substitute at E.O. Smith High School in Storrs, CT (right next to UConn).  I’ve also tutored people preparing to take the G.E.D. in Spanish and others trying to simply learn English as a second language.  I was an America Reads tutor for elementary school students at the U of Iowa, and I spent two summers working as a YMCA Camp Counselor with hot, sticky swarms of six-year-olds who frequently lost teeth and wet themselves, an experience which served to solidify just how much I prefer working with high-schoolers.  🙂 

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