10 300 Hmwk Due Thursday, 4/1

March 31, 2010

Consider the revisions your peer editor suggested and make the ones that seem good.

Then write a concluding paragraph.

If you feel that your paper is solid the way it is and you choose to turn it in tomorrow, print it out and give it to me at the start of class.

If you feel like working on it over the long weekend would produce a better result, or you still want to come meet with me, you may turn it in Monday.

The end!


9 300 Hmwk Due April 1

March 31, 2010

1.  Study for quiz on Shakespeare – study the answers from the webquest yesterday.

2.  Start reading Night.  I’d read chapter 1 if I were you, and complete the bookmark that goes with it.  Remember:  1 bookmark per chapter.  You can get that document here:

Night Bookmark

Remember…the extra credit film is tonight!  (Starting at 7 in English/History Learning Connections).  Come keep me company!!

9 300 Hmwk Due Wednesday, 3/31

March 31, 2010

The homework is just to finish the R&J webquest from earlier today.  Scroll down for the link to it.  If you were absent and are trying to make this up from home, just do what that post says, print out your work before class tomorrow, and you’ll be golden.

This is up late because my basement flooded and I’ve spent the night trying to get water out of it.  Woohoo.

10 300 Hmwk Due Wednesday, March 31

March 31, 2010

By now you should be done with the comparative section of your body, and should be moving on to the second part of it.  It won’t be as long as the first.

To do this, you should write 3 last body paragraphs.  In each, discuss the flaws you’ve highlighted in your chosen dystopias, and discuss the extent to which we find or do not find those flaws in our own society.  Be specific.  Give examples.

Print out a complete draft of everything you’ve written so far and bring it to class tomorrow.  It should all be in one document.

Sorry this wasn’t up sooner.  My basement flooded and I’ve been shop-vac-ing it all night long.  Fun!

9 300 Extra Credit Film Option

March 30, 2010

I will be showing To Kill a Mockingbird on WEDNESDAY NIGHT in the English/History Learning Connections room beginning at 7 p.m.  That’s tomorrow.  The film is 2 hours and 11 minutes long. 

I will keep a list of the people who are there and add some extra credit to your grade for showing up and staying the whole time.

9 300, today in class:

March 30, 2010

go to:


and READ the directions.  Then follow them.  The end. =)

9 300 Hmwk Due Tuesday, March 30

March 29, 2010

1.  Finish all 8 mini-lessons on apostrophes on comfit.com.  Take them until you get a good score on them.  I will just be looking to see that you have TRIED on these – i.e. you have taken them several times.

To take them, log in to comfit, then under quick links on the left, go to mini lesson index, then scroll down, then under language arts and writing, click on punctuation, then scroll down and do all 8 mini-lessons under the “apostrophes” sub-heading.

2. Do the apostrophes assessment on comfit.  Take it a few times unless you ace it the first time.  To get there, log on to comfit and look to the left.  Under directory, click on language arts and writing, then under skill sets, click on punctuation, then scroll down, and under drill-down choices, click on apostrophes.  Then under “your choices,” click on “take the apostrophes assessment now.”

The end!