9 300 Hmwk due Friday

April 29, 2010

Read 2.3 and fix your epilogue (the second part only applies if you’re in period 2).


10 300 Hmwk Due Friday

April 28, 2010

Answer the following questions

1) We saw Othello for the first time in the scene we acted out in class.  Is he what you thought he would be?  Is he respected by his associates?

2) How do you know?  Find a line that backs up what you say in # 1 and explain.

3) What contrasts are there between the way Othello is described and the way he looks and behaves when he actually appears?

4)Do you notice basic differences in attitude between Cassio and Iago in their short conversation after Othello exits?

5)Why is Brabantio convinced that Othello must have used witchcraft on his daughter?  Why does he heave difficulty believing his daughter could run to Othello’s “sooty bosom?”

Make sure you’re doing your independent reading.  I’m going to check your word lists for credit this coming Friday.  Remember, this word list is going to be a 100-point assignment – the same amount as that paper from last quarter.  MAKE THIS GOOD.  Jot down words you don’t know as you read.

9 300 Per. 3 Hmwk –

April 28, 2010

Make sure you finish annotating the notes for 2.2.  I’m checking your promptbooks tomorrow.

9 300 Periods 2 and 4 – Here’s Act II, scene ii to print

April 28, 2010

for homework.

Act II, scene ii

After you print this, here is a sample of what the previous scene looks like when it’s been annotated with notes.


You should make similar notes on 2.2 – do the first half.  (So, the first 4 pages).

Also, period 2, you can either fix your epilogues tonight or tomorrow.  You have a choice.

9 300 Per. 4 –

April 27, 2010

Just show up ready to dive into Act II tomorrow in R&J!

And come to the film tonight!  Extra credit, wooo!

9 300 Per. 2 –

April 27, 2010

Study for a sonnet quiz and come to the film tonight for extra credit!

You escape with no other homework because of technological difficulties, but don’t worry, you’ll have some tomorrow.

9 300 Per. 3 Due Wednesday, April 28

April 27, 2010

1. Go on the blog. (Ta-da!  You’re done with part one if you’re reading this!)

2. Scroll down and look on the right-hand side.  Find “fun Englishy links.”

3. Click on the Romeo and Juliet scene index link.

4. Click on “scene index.”

5. Scroll down and find 2.2.

6. Copy and paste it into a Word document and print that out.

7. Do what we did in class in terms of annotating (writing notes in) about:

*how the actors should say their lines and

*where they should be when they say them

*and what they are doing as they deliver them.

Do this for the first half of the scene.  Literally the first half.  So see how many lines there are (they’re numbered) and divide them in half and do this for those lines.

The end.