10 300 Hmwk Due 11/24

November 23, 2009


1) Make a tone map for your poem.

2) Bring your book club book to class tomorrow.  You don’t have to have read yet.  Just bring the book.


9 300 Per. 3 Hmwk

November 23, 2009

Use a night like this (on which I’m assigning less homework) to start the comfit.com mini-lessons that came out of taking the platinum test today.

9 300 Hmwk Per. 4 Due 11/24

November 23, 2009

Finish reading book 10.  Start where we left off in class.

9 300 Hmwk Due Monday, 11/23

November 19, 2009

Download, read, and do the following assignment:

Postcards to Ithaka

9 300 Hmwk Per. 2 Due Friday, Nov. 20

November 19, 2009

Go to http://www.comfit.com and finish your mini-lessons.  Go to “Workout Center and Log,” then click “language arts and writing,” then click in the quick-hits box on the upper right-hand side, “workout scores.”  Scroll down.  Find your workouts and click on them.  Finish them and try to get 100 on as many as possible.  The end.

10 300 Hmwk Due Nov. 20

November 19, 2009

Go on http://www.poetryoutloud.org/poems/browsepoems.html

and find a poem you’d like to recite.  Print it and bring it with you to class tomorrow.

Also, you have a vocab quiz tomorrow on words 1-20 from the Othello packet, which you can download again if you scroll down and find the recent post where I put it up on the blog.





9 300 Per. 4 Hmwk Due 11/18

November 17, 2009

Finish reading book 6 and choose your favorite passage.  Explain why it is your favorite.