10 300 Hmwk due 10/27

October 26, 2009

Take your grammar workouts at www.comfit.com until you get 100 on as many of them as you possibly can.  That’s your goal.

Also, download, print, and fill out this packet for your book club preparation: 

Book Club Discussion Preparation 

Book clubs will meet on Friday.

3.  You will have a vocab quiz on Thursday.  You should have the packet we did in class today finished by then.


9 300 Hmwk Due 9/26

October 26, 2009

Pretend you are a publisher for a poetry anthology creating an image to go next to the poem in the book.  Re-read the poem “To a Mouse…” and circle a part with an image you can see in your mind.  Then draw that image.  You do not need to re-write the poem.

Also, you should be done with your www.comfit.com workouts by tomorow for both the bronze and silver levels.  You do not need to re-take the overall exams – JUST do the workouts.

Senior Comp Hmwk Due Monday, Oct. 26

October 22, 2009

Your true-blue final draft of your college essay.  Have it printed and ready to go!

We will be sharing them in class Monday.

10 300 Hmwk Due Friday, Oct. 23

October 22, 2009

Hand-write answers to CAPT questions 1 and 3.

Take 10 minutes for question 1.

Then take 10 minutes for question 2.  Time yourselves for each.  Do  not go over the time limit, as this will help you practice for the real test.

9 300 Hmwk Per. 2 and 3 for Friday, Oct. 23

October 22, 2009

Study for a vocab quiz on the ten words we studied this week.

9 300 Hmwk per. 2 and 3 Due Thursday/Friday:

October 21, 2009

1.  Do a 1-page handwritten journal essay regarding the question you chose from class today dealing with Of Mice and Men.

2.  Study for a vocab quiz on Friday on the vocab we did Monday.

Senior Comp Hmwk Due Thursday, Oct. 22

October 21, 2009

Your college essay.  Even if it’s not the final product you will use for all your schools.

Proofread it and consider the feedback your peers gave you today.  Fix it, then print it out and bring it to class to share.

I would like a draft with this as well.