Shakespeare Hmwk Due Wed., 9/22

1. We saw Othello for the first time in this scene – is he what you thought he would be? Is he respected by his associates? How do you know?

2. What contrasts are there between the way Othello is described and the way he looks and behaves when he actually appears?

3. Do you notice basic differences in attitude between Cassio and Iago in their short conversation after Othello exits?

4. Why is Brabantio convinced that Othello must have used witchcraft on his daughter? Why does he have difficulty believing his daughter could have run willingly to Othello’s “sooty bosom”?

5. Iago swears in line 38 “By Janus.” Janus is a Roman two-faced god. Give examples of Iago’s two-faced behavior. How might an actor convey this?

Also, describe Othello as you see him in your imagination. Find a picture online or in a magazine that resembles your idea of Othello, or draw your own.


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