Shakespeare Homework Over the Weekend

Please answer the following questions regarding the scene we paraphrased in class. You can copy and paste them into a Word document and print out your answers for class on Monday.

1. What does Iago seem to want from Roderigo?
2. What does Roderigo seem to want from Iago?
3. What sort of person do you think the Moor is?
4. What about Brabantio’s daughter – how do you picture her?
5. Why do you think it is that neither Othello nor Desdemona are mentioned by name in this scene?
6. On what sorts of prejudices and fears is Iago playing as he speaks to Brabantio?

When you’re done with that, (I forgot to say this part in class) – there’s actually a little more reading for you to do. Not much. Please go to the following link, scroll down, and read line 144 through the end of Act 1 scene 1. Then do the below questions on it.

Paste this link into your browser to read:

Questions to answer after you finish reading that part:

1. Why do Iago, Roderigo, and Brabantio hate the man they are discussing?
2. What reasons does Iago give for continuing to follow his master?
3. What kind of person do you expect the man they discuss to be? How do you imagine him?
4. Count the number of times the word “Moor” is used in 1.1. Can you draw any conclusions?

Okay, that’s it! See you guys Monday!


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