9 300 Per. 3 Due Wednesday, April 28

1. Go on the blog. (Ta-da!  You’re done with part one if you’re reading this!)

2. Scroll down and look on the right-hand side.  Find “fun Englishy links.”

3. Click on the Romeo and Juliet scene index link.

4. Click on “scene index.”

5. Scroll down and find 2.2.

6. Copy and paste it into a Word document and print that out.

7. Do what we did in class in terms of annotating (writing notes in) about:

*how the actors should say their lines and

*where they should be when they say them

*and what they are doing as they deliver them.

Do this for the first half of the scene.  Literally the first half.  So see how many lines there are (they’re numbered) and divide them in half and do this for those lines.

The end.


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