9 300 Per. 3 –

Please remember the following –

1. Bring food for Monday for our Belated Birthday Party for The Bard!  If you have found an Elizabethan recipe that you can make for us, fantastic.   These can be simple things – i.e. some kind of bread or cheese or fruit that they might have had then.  Please keep in mind it should be something people will eat – so Steak and Kidney Pie is probably a bad idea. 😉

If you are having trouble with these recipes, please e-mail me and we’ll figure it out.

2.  Remember to fix your paper – read the remarks I made, look at the things I circled, and fix them.  Print off a clean, corrected copy, staple the paper I corrected to it, and turn it in on Monday at the start of class.  PRINT IT OUT BEFORE CLASS and STAPLE IT as well BEFORE you come in.

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