9 300 PERIOD 3 Hmwk Due Thursday

Answer the following questions:

How do the different versions present a different interpretation of what this speech is really about?

What do the different directors emphasize from the Queen Mab speech?

What different props do they use and why do you think they use them?

Also, I didn’t say this in class because the idea didn’t come up till period 4 today,  but we’re going to have a little Shakespearean feast on Friday because it’s Shakespeare’s birthday.  I’ll be bringing in a few different dishes for you to try…and I’ll be announcing this in class tomorrow as well so that anyone else who wants to contribute some food and make things a bit more festive can chip in.  I thought I’d put it up on the blog now though, so that if you happen to see this and want to google “Elizabethan England Foods / Recipes” and see if you can find something to bring, you have tonight and tomorrow night to do it.


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