9 300 Hmwk

By 11/10:  Have paraphrased your assigned lines for the assembly in book 2.

By 11/11:  Have studied words 1-30 of the To Kill a Mockingbird packet for a vocabulary quiz.

Also, on 11/11 I will check for post-it notes in Book 2, so make sure you have read thoroughly and made good notes on these post-its.

By 11/19, the next G day, you should have done A) all of the mini-lessons in your comfit.com log till you got 100%, (from the silver and bronze assessment) and then taken the gold assessment and done those mini-lessons as well (until you get 100 on them, too).  Divide some of this up and work on it on nights when you don’t have reading for class so you don’t try to cram it all into one night.


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