Senior Comp Hmwk Due Thurs., Oct 15

Here’s the homework for tonight. Please download this document, type your answers into it, and print it out before class tomorrow.

Questions on Narrative and Non-Narrative Language

In case you can’t open the document, I’m posting its contents here as well. This is what it says:

Take a look at “Music for Prague” by Ryan Park – the fourth essay in the packet I gave you to read over the weekend. Answer the following questions based on it.

You will need to know the following things to do so:

Narrative writing tells a story.

Non-narrative writing does not tell any story. It reveals the writer’s emotion, feeling, thought, mode, attitude, belief, observation, experience, state of mind, etc. It often directly addresses the reader.

Keeping in this mind,

1. List three narrative lines from the essay.

2. List three non-narrative lines from the essay.

3. How were you able to identify the non-narrative chunks of language?

4. What seems to be their relationship to the narrative parts? What are they “doing” in relationship to the narrative parts?

5. What effect on you as a reader do the different parts have?

6. How does the writer begin the essay?

7. What is he doing in the first paragraph?

8. How does the writer end the essay? What is he doing in the final paragraph?

9. What kind of connection does the ending have with the opening?

10. How effective would the essay be if it were just narration? Does it need the non-narrative bits? Why?


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